The economy.   It appears to be going in the tank.   People are pointing fingers at Wall Street,  at banking institutions,  at over extended consumers…   Yet is there, perhaps, a  base moral component many of us are simply … Continue reading


Each of the major candidates have position papers  on crime.   We have a position paper on crime as well.   And the following is a take on our paradigm around crime: National Public Radio did a piece the other … Continue reading


In the last entry, I talk in general terms about the tremendous disparity between most Americans and most people in the Third World.   Today at the drop-in center my family volunteers at in Cleveland, I came across a New … Continue reading


I attended a Bible Study in Avon Lake, Ohio.   The readings revolved around the prophet Isaiah telling the Isrealites that they were so concerned with shiny “anklets… pendants… and veils…” — that they’d forgotten about the poor.   And … Continue reading


average JoeOhio Tour cont:   We traveled to Westerville, Ohio, where we were introduced to the congregation at  St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church.   During his talk, Deacon Tom Barford said we can get so caught up in our … Continue reading


In the last post, I talked about being at a “Prayer Service to Abolish the Death Penalty.”    During the  service, facilitator Tim Musser read the following:   Capital punishment is not what Jesus taught.   It is what he … Continue reading


In honor of President’s Day today, I’ve decided to become president. (It’s kind of a Norman Vincent Peale thing.)… I recently referenced a talk I went to in Rome, Georgia, about the writings of G.K. Chesterton. During the talk, presenter … Continue reading